Malabar Rail Cutting Remediation

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Following geotechnical inspections of the earthwork cuttings and embankments along the Antiene Spur (Drayton – Malabar Branch Line), Erizon was engaged by Lycopodium’s rail engineering team to address erosion and poor vegetation cover. The maintenance closure of the Drayton to Malabar line in late May provided an opportunity for safe access and application of the remediation solution.

Project Overview

Erizon conducted a site visit to assess physical and environmental conditions, collect soil samples, and perform a drone survey. The soil samples underwent comprehensive agricultural testing in a laboratory. Analysis by Erizon’s soil scientists revealed hostile soil conditions for plant growth, evident erosion, and compaction.

A remediation strategy was developed to apply soil amendments, seed, and a hydromulch blanket to improve soil structure, facilitate germination, and retain moisture.


  • The remediation plan addressed the lack of microbial activity, nutrient deficiencies, and heavy compaction
  • Application of liquid calcium (AgCalcium Boost) to displace excess sodium and improve soil structure.
  • Use of fast-germinating seed in EnviroSoil for topsoil replacement.
  • Addition of major and trace elements to address deficiencies.
  • Application of a blended seed mix with EnviroLoc engineered wood fibre mulch to stabilize the batters until plant roots could secure the surface.


Erizon utilised a fully mine-compliant HydroRig with 4×4 capability, a hydraulic cannon, and a 100m extended hose line for consistent and uniform application. Internal agitators ensured even mixing of the solution.


The project began with a 3-dimensional drone survey, followed by a detailed site and soil analysis. The remediation program was executed in two phases:

Phase 1

  • Application of EnviroSoil combined with trace elements and liquid calcium to improve soil structure.

Phase 2

  • Application of a blended seed mix with EnviroLoc to stabilize the batters.
  • Blended Seed Mix
  • A fast-acting dryland cover crop blend was used along with native Wallaby and Rhodes Grass.

The cover crop established quickly, while Wallaby and Rhodes Grass provided long-term resilience with deeper root structures.


The project faced a narrow 5-day access window, limiting the use of the HydroRig cannon. The extended hose method was employed, requiring precise time management and skilled navigation of steep and loose access tracks by the team.


Post-application, client feedback from Lycopodium was positive, noting excellent coverage, time management, and overall team collaboration. Initial signs of vegetation growth were visible within a month, with significant crop coverage and reduced erosion risks observed a few months later.

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