Sunshine Energy Park Revegetation

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Project Overview

Revegetation was needed at the Sunshine Energy Park, a former basalt quarry that had previously been used for landfill activities and then capped after closure. This project aims to provide long-term stabilisation of the landfill cap against erosion and dust generation by establishing a cover of low-maintenance grasses.

Initial soil testing of the area revealed a complex soil structure with differing amelioration requirements. The soil contained high clay content, strong alkalinity and salinity in some areas.


Chosen Solution

EnviroLoc Hydromulch BFM was our recommended solution for the Sunshine Energy Park Revegetation project. This solution, incorporated with the customised amelioration plan, will provide a healthy growing medium for initial seed germination whilst the amendments enhance the E-horizon of the substrate for a sustainable vegetation result. The EnviroLoc wood fibres will increase moisture retention and maintain surface temperature to support seed germination, along with acting as an erosion control blanket protecting the surface from wind and water erosion.


Equipment used

The Erizon team applied the EnviroLoc solution to the area using their flagship HydroRig equipment. These purpose-built trucks have built-in agitators within the holding tanks that consistently mix the product to ensure an even application is applied to the surface area.



The first step was the application of treatment to remove existing weeds, followed by 150mm deep cultivation and amelioration program to prepare the soil for the best chance of grass establishment. Treatment involving the application of gypsum and surface preparation took 2 days to complete. To maximise the chances of success, a three-month wait was required before the application of Hydromulch could take place.

After three months, the climate was optimal to start the revegetation process. The Erizon team successfully applied the EnviroLoc solution over an 8-day period, working in ideal conditions. A 12-month maintenance plan was created to ensure the goal of sustainable vegetation and soil stabilisation is met.

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