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Project Background

Advance Bricks & Pavers, a company with a proud 90-year history, is embarking on an immediate rehabilitation project
for its Stawell Quarry. Initially planning to continue operations for another 30 years with a phased rehabilitation
approach, the company now has the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship by undertaking
these efforts ahead of schedule.

Initial Assessment

Initial soil tests revealed significant challenges, with the soil being heavily compacted and containing high levels of
clay. This composition severely limited aeration and water infiltration, making it unsuitable for optimal plant growth.
To address these issues, a lime-based amelioration solution was deemed essential. This treatment would break up the
compacted clay and neutralize soil acidity, creating a more hospitable substrate for the subsequent application of
EnviroLoc, a custom mineral blend, and a native seed mix. By enhancing the soil structure, the lime treatment would
promote better root development and ensure a successful revegetation process.

Challenges and Requirements

A significant shortage of topsoil was identified, necessitating the use of EnviroLoc to ensure successful germination.
The client was looking for a cost-effective solution, having not anticipated the need for sudden rehabilitation. A list
of suitable plant species was provided for selection to ensure the most effective revegetation.

Project Overview

The goal was to revegetate the retired quarry to restore the land to a more natural state. Erizon was engaged to apply a
lime solution to correct soil pH and break down clay, followed by Enviroloc Hydromulch BFM, native grass seeds,
tackifier, and a custom mineral blend.

Customized Solution

The project was executed in two phases:

Phase 1:  Application of a lime solution to correct soil pH and break down clay.

Phase 2:  Application of a blended seed mix with EnviroLoc with custom ameliorants to stabilize the

Equipment Utilized

Erizon employed a fully mine-compliant HydroRig with 4×4 capability, equipped with a hydraulic cannon and a 100m
extended hose line for consistent and uniform application. Internal agitators ensured an even mixing of the solution.
Additionally, drone equipment, including the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and DJI Matrice 300, was used to provide orthomosaic
imagery for precise application monitoring.

Blended Seed Mix

The custom seed blend for the Stawell Quarry rehabilitation included a variety of species to promote
biodiversity and resilience. Eucalyptus species (Red Flowering Gum, Red Ironbark, Silver Dollar Gum, and
Yellow Gum) were chosen for their adaptability and ability to thrive in the local climate, providing shade
and habitat for local fauna. Acacia (Golden Wattle) was included for its nitrogen-fixing properties, which
improve soil fertility and support the growth of other plant species. Poa (Tussock Grass) was selected for
its fast establishment and ability to provide ground cover, reducing erosion and promoting soil stability.
Common Ryecorn served as a cover crop to provide rapid ground cover, prevent soil erosion, and suppress weed
growth during the initial stages of revegetation. Additionally, a grass mix was included to ensure immediate
soil stabilization and reduce the risk of erosion, featuring native species for long-term resilience and
compatibility with the local ecosystem.

Key Challenges

Site access was carefully planned to minimize the need for extensive hose work. Initially, it appeared that a large
proportion of the product would need to be applied with the hose. However, with strategic driving and site assessment,
it was discovered that only a small amount required hose application.


The 8-hectare site was successfully covered with EnviroLoc Hydromulch at the agreed rate within the 5-day timeframe. The
client expressed satisfaction with the application and the professionalism demonstrated on-site. A follow-up is
scheduled to monitor the progress of the revegetation.

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