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09 Apr 2021

Erosion Control Techniques: Construction & Operational Sites

Erosion Control Techniques for Construction and Operational Sites Soils are routinely disturbed by water, wind, ice, and gravity. These erosive […]

29 Mar 2021

Long-Term Dust Solution for Tailings Storage Facility in Orange, NSW

In early 2020, Erizon won a major contract to develop a dust management solution for a 700ha tailings storage facility (TSF) at Australia’s largest gold mine, located in Orange, NSW. Erizon carefully tailored an innovative, new solution resulting from multiple scientific trials and testing of our own accord.

24 Mar 2021

EcoArmour In Action on Railway Cuttings

When a V/Line railway cutting in Merbein, Victoria fell into disrepair, Erizon were called out to undertake a site visit […]