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What makes soil “good” or “bad”? The definition of good soil depends on different factors and the intended land use. For instance, farmers want fertile soil that is easy to till and has good water retention. Meanwhile, for engineers, good soil drains well and compacts easily. While there’s no universal definition of

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Erosion Control | EcoArmour | Civil & Infrastructure
EcoArmour is an eco-friendly, sprayable synthetic erosion control blanket innovated by leading Australian environmental solutions provider Erizon. It has been scientifically developed to protect the soil surface from various degrees of erosion and withstand the harshest weather conditions– from dry, arid conditions to extreme wind and rain events.  Its unique blend
Hydromulching can be confusing at first glance with so much information available on both Hydroseeding and Hydromulching, some of which only applies to one or the other, or changes based on location and local environmental concerns. Here we break down what you need to know about hydromulch specifically when planning
Australia is subjected to a variety of different environmental challenges due to its vast and ever-changing weather conditions. With this in mind, Erizon® has endeavoured to source some of the most experienced specialists in the industry to engineer our sophisticated product range. These solutions have redefined our approach to environmental
All across the world, there is poverty, war, terrorism, and threats of human violence. We may not realise the dangers that can place the entire humankind on its knees in one full sweep. This article aims to make people aware of what is going on in the deeper trenches of our

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