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What makes soil “good” or “bad”? The definition of good soil depends on different factors and the intended land use. For instance, farmers want fertile soil that is easy to till and has good water retention. Meanwhile, for engineers, good soil drains well and compacts easily. While there’s no universal definition of

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Rehabilitation vs restoration The words rehabilitation and restoration are interchangeable when discussing the process of repairing ecological damage caused by mining. However, the National Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in Australia (Standards Reference Group SERA 2016) have clear, and differing, definitions for the two. Understanding the differences is important
Erizon’s Environmental Products and How They Can Help Erizon are national experts in environmental products particularly for revegetation, erosion control, and dust suppression. Specialising in mining and industrial projects, if you have a problem, Erizon has the solution; so how can Erizon’s products help with your project? Environmental Products for Erosion Control All
Hydromulching can be confusing at first glance with so much information available on both Hydroseeding and Hydromulching, some of which only applies to one or the other, or changes based on location and local environmental concerns. Here we break down what you need to know about hydromulch specifically when planning
Mulch has provided a means of mitigating the effects of erosion for decades, based on the benefits associated with hydromulching for revegetation. It is commonly applied using purpose-built HydroRigs™ to hydraulically disperse mulch with water, seed, and fertilisers, onto disturbed soil or steep slopes, to avoid excess loss of sediment.
Under Government legislation, mining, coal, and infrastructure companies are required to return their site to its original ecosystem, upon closure of operations. As a result of the soil disruption and change in landscape topography, revegetation is a vital approach in re-formatting the soil profile by creating an optimal platform for
What is Hydromulching? Hydromulching is a vegetation process that involves spraying a slurry of water, seed, fertiliser, cellulosic mulch, tracking dye, and a binder/tackifier on damaged and depleted soils to provide fast, economical and efficient revegetation. The mixture sprayed from a specially designed hydroseeding truck is kept agitated during the application, ensuring

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