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19 Jan 2022

Erosion Control Blankets

When looking at options for erosion control a common choice is erosion control blankets. They have been around a long […]

14 Jan 2022

Erizon and Safety

On-site safety is one of the most important considerations for any industrial site, whether mining, construction, or rail. Safety should […]

17 Dec 2021

Dust Suppression and Erizon’s Products

Dust is an often-overlooked hazard on mining and construction sites, but its impact can be detrimental to worker health, equipment, […]

01 Oct 2021

Four benefits of deploying Drone Technology

Drones have become more common in recent years and their benefits have been seen in many industries, the horticulture industry […]

03 Dec 2019

Dust Suppression Solutions For Tailings Storage Facilities

Dust Suppression Remediation For Tailings Storage Facility Erizon® provides specifically-engineered solutions for dust control and remediation in tailings storage facilities […]

03 Oct 2019

Vision Zero – Workplace Safety

Erizon® believes safety is an integral part of the workforce and a crucial element in everything we seek out to […]