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19 Jan 2022

Erosion Control Blankets

When looking at options for erosion control a common choice is erosion control blankets. They have been around a long […]

29 Nov 2021

Erosion Control in Mining

The impact of mining activities on the local environment are well documented and regularly reported on. Erosion contributes heavily to […]

09 Nov 2021

Erizon’s Products and how they can help

Erizon’s products and how they can help Erizon are national experts in revegetation, erosion control, and dust suppression. Specialising in […]

22 Oct 2021

Revegetation in Mining

The impact of mining on the local environment is well documented and a common talking point of mining detractors. However, […]

15 Sep 2021

Hydromulch – What You Need To Know

Hydromulching can be confusing at first glance with so much information available on both Hydroseeding and Hydromulching, some of which […]

20 Oct 2020

What Encompasses A Successful Revegetation

Revegetation is the method of replanting and rebuilding areas of land cleared of their natural vegetation. We use revegetation if […]

07 Jan 2020

What Is Soil Stabilisation?

Definition: Soil stabilisation the restoration of weak and disturbed soil. This process looks at strategies to enhance the soil’s nutrients, […]