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What makes soil “good” or “bad”? The definition of good soil depends on different factors and the intended land use. For instance, farmers want fertile soil that is easy to till and has good water retention. Meanwhile, for engineers, good soil drains well and compacts easily. While there’s no universal definition of

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Erosion Control | EcoArmour | Civil & Infrastructure
EcoArmour is an eco-friendly, sprayable synthetic erosion control blanket innovated by leading Australian environmental solutions provider Erizon. It has been scientifically developed to protect the soil surface from various degrees of erosion and withstand the harshest weather conditions– from dry, arid conditions to extreme wind and rain events.  Its unique blend
Mine Reclamation Mine reclamation is the process of restoring the environment for post-mining use once mining operations have ceased. This is done to mitigate the destructive effects caused by mining and to ensure the return of a sustainable ecosystem. Mine site reclamation involves four key stages: contouring the land, replacement of
Erosion Control
Erosion is a constant problem that needs consideration, no matter your site’s location. Erosion can, however be a much larger issue in many areas due to Australia’s climate. Much of Australia is made up of arid land, which is prone to the dangers of both wind, and water erosion. With
Erosion Control | Mining
When looking at options for erosion control, erosion control blankets are a common choice. They have been around a long time and are an effective solution for many reasons. As technology continues to advance, some recent developments have increased their effectiveness. What is Erosion Wind erosion Erosion is most commonly caused by weather
The impact of mining activities on the local environment are well documented and regularly reported on. Erosion contributes heavily to the negative impact of mine sites on the surrounding environments and ecosystems. Luckily erosion control has come a long way in recent years, and there are ways to minimise the
Erosion Control | Mining
The impact of mining on the local environment is well documented and a common talking point of mining detractors. However, there are many ways to limit the impact of a mining project on the local environment as techniques and relevant technologies are becoming much more efficient and effective. Prevention is

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