Agricultural Drone Herbicide Spraying

Penrith, NSW |
Diquat 200 sprayed using DJI Agras T20 |

Project Overview

Erizon was approached by Precinct Capital Pty Ltd to achieve weed control over a 4.7 Ha site in Penrith, NSW, characterised by heavy machinery traffic and restricted access alternatives. Erizon’s solution was to employ a drone-based spraying system, which effectively addressed both concerns, minimised human involvement, and achieved the client’s desired outcome.

Chosen Solution

Diquat 200 and water were mixed to treat the area. The product, concentration and application rate were decided by the client. DJI Agras T20 was used in this mission, equipped with eight SX11001VS nozzles that sprayed the chemical mix at the rate of 100L/Ha with 130-250 μm droplet size.

Equipment Used

DJI Agras T20 was chosen over DJI Agras T30 due to the small-scale project area and the possibility to hot swap the payload tanks to run the mission more smoothly. Measurement cup and a mixing bucket were the only additional equipment required for the mission. Access to water point and a hose were provided by the client.


The mission took one business day to accomplish, followed by an ITP report that outlines the details of the mission.

Key Challenges

Among the significant challenges faced was the limited availability of 2x15A outlets for charging the drone batteries. The sole accessible 30A 5-pin three-phase outlet was situated approximately 500 meters from the designated landing site. To overcome this obstacle, a 5-pin to 2x15A outlets adapter was procured, and the batteries were charged the day prior to the mission. Another challenge involved the heavy traffic, predominantly comprising earth-moving trucks, in close proximity to the work site. To mitigate this risk, the landing site was positioned a minimum of 15 meters away from the road, ensuring the safety of both drivers and the drone operator. Lastly, the site faced a snake infestation issue. In response to this hazard, the operator maintained a 5-meter distance from dense vegetation, exercised heightened caution, and donned appropriate personal protective equipment.


The mission resulted in successful spraying of 40L of Diquat 200 over an area of 4.7Ha. The outcomes of the mission are yet to be estimated. All of the challenges were addressed successfully, and the mission proceeded without any issues or interruptions.

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