Aerial Seeding

Efficient Seeding Solution for Large-Scale Revegetation

By modernising and simplifying aerial seeding, Erizon can maximise productivity and the optimisation of land use. While traditional seeding methods are difficult to scale, seeding by drone is not only much faster, but also more cost-effective as well.

Erizon’s drones allow seeds and nutrients to be placed at exactly the right spot, leading to better outcomes. We can adjust the flight speed, altitude, and feed rates to meet the required radius and density of the spread.

Key benefits

Compared to air tractors or light aircraft, Erizon’s drones can be used for seeding at a much lower cost.
Greater Precision
Erizon’s drones have an upgraded spreading precision and features that prevent uneven seeding and guarantee uniform output.
Fast and Efficient
With the waypoint feature, seeding with our drones becomes fully automated. In just a matter of minutes, you can get the drones in the air and complete the process in no time.
Better Planning
Our drones can give you a clearer picture of the site and capture relevant data such as the soil’s condition to help you plan better before seeding for higher chances of success.
Access Difficult Terrains
Equipped with a flight control system with built-in features that prevent collisions, Erizon’s drones are compatible with any terrain. This doesn’t only mean that there are no limitations to the area of your seeding efforts, but also eliminates the need for human involvement in dangerous terrains.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.