Mine Rehabilitation

Mine-site rehabilitation is not only a legal requirement for mining projects in Australia but also an opportunity for the industry to showcase its commitment to sustainable development.

By focusing on revegetation with healthy and suitable vegetation that supports existing ecosystems, the industry can effectively meet environmental remediation requirements.

We specialise in creating and propagating a healthy soil profile that supports native vegetation species during the restoration process.

Suitable Application Types

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Essential Benefits For Australian Industries

Mine site rehabilitation plays a crucial role in benefiting the Australian mining industry. Here are some key advantages:

Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control
By implementing effective techniques, we prevent soil erosion and stabilise the ground, ensuring safer and more sustainable mining operations.
Restores Ecological Balance
Our rehabilitation efforts create habitats for native flora and fauna, promoting biodiversity conservation and supporting the natural ecosystem.
Enhances Nutrient Cycling
Through rehabilitation, we improve nutrient cycling in the soil, fostering healthier vegetation growth and enhancing overall ecosystem productivity.
Improves Soil Structure
Our methods help restore the soil's physical properties, improving its structure, water-holding capacity and nutrient availability, which are vital for sustainable plant growth.
Meets Environmental Remediation Requirements
We ensure compliance with environmental regulations and remediation requirements, helping mining companies fulfil their legal obligations.
Community Acceptance
By rehabilitating mine sites, we contribute to positive community engagement and acceptance, fostering goodwill and trust between mining companies and local communities.

Why Choose Mine Site Rehabilitation And Not Restoration?

While restoration focuses on returning land to its original state, mine site rehabilitation offers a superior option for restoring degraded land. Rehabilitation incorporates sustainable practices that go beyond restoration, ensuring long-term viability and environmental sustainability.

Tailored Solutions For Mine Site Rehabilitation In Australia

At Erizon, we recognize that every mine site rehabilitation project is unique. Our tailored solutions take into account the specific conditions and requirements of each site. We work closely with our clients to develop customised strategies that maximise the success of their rehabilitation efforts. 

Get in touch with us now for a tailored consultation and discover the optimal mine rehabilitation solution that suits your specific requirements.

Our Mine Rehabilitation Process

The mine site rehabilitation process in Australia involves several key steps:

Soil Analysis
Our project begins with a comprehensive on-site assessment, including the analysis of physical, chemical and biological aspects. Gathering soil samples in person helps us better grasp rehabilitation requirements, such as soil type, landscape, previous land use and early species considerations.
Choosing The Right Plant Species
We select plant species that are well-suited to the site conditions, considering factors such as soil type, revegetation purpose, climate and desired ecological outcomes.
Drone Surveying And Trial
Erizon conducts 3D surveys of proposed revegetation sites to accurately measure and map the area for quality analysis. This early assessment helps tailor the best strategy for each unique site.
Tailor The Best Solution
We carefully choose the best solution for your unique project, considering erosion control, product effectiveness and its ability to promote growth and provide long-lasting protection.
Growth Medium Application
Erizon offers world-class growth mediums for faster vegetation growth and erosion control. Our tailored solutions, combining EnviroSoil and EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM, promote sustainable plant growth to help achieve your revegetation goals.
Even And Uniform Application
We offer tailored solutions for maximum growth and effective remediation. Our expert technicians ensure precise implementation of correct mixes, ratios and percentages, optimising solution performance.
Drone Spraying And Spreading
We implement drone-based spraying and spreading techniques for efficient and precise application of soil amendments, seeds and other rehabilitation components.
Post-Project Monitoring
We implement regular monitoring and evaluation of the rehabilitated area to track progress, identify any potential issues, and make adjustments as necessary for optimal outcomes.

Our Rehabilitation Projects

Quarry Rehabilitation

Quarry Rehabilitation |
Enviroloc Hydromulching BFM |
Mining / Quarry
railway vegetation

Malabar Rail Cutting Remediation

Hydromulching |
EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM, EnviroSoil |

Aerial Dust Suppression

Aerial Dust Suppression |
SuppressX |

Agricultural Drone Herbicide Spraying

Penrith, NSW |
Diquat 200 sprayed using DJI Agras T20 |
hyromulching bfm

Hydromulching Project for EnergyConnect

Hydromulching |
EnviroLoc Hydromulching BFM |
Civil Construction
drone pilot watching the drone application

Drone Spraying – Vineyard Fungicide Application

Drone Spraying |
Supplied by client |

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