Plant Health Monitoring

Regular Monitoring for Successful Revegetation

In order to ensure the success of your revegetation project, consistent monitoring is required. Erizon offers drone-enabled plant health monitoring so you can acquire ultra-precise data that can help you identify issues that you may not even be aware of.

Compared to traditional ground-based monitoring strategies, monitoring using drones provides more advanced details that can help you gain deeper insights, make informed strategic decisions, and allow you to recalibrate your strategy if necessary.

Key benefits

Detailed and Accurate Data
Our drones are equipped with the latest technology that can help achieve remarkable levels of data accuracy even during harsh weather conditions.
Capture Data Day or Night
Erizon can help you capture data any time of day, as our drones work well even under low light conditions.
Seamless Data Sharing
Data can be shared easily and conveniently with all relevant stakeholders without the need for additional infrastructure.
Saves Time and Money
Our drones can help you accomplish plant health monitoring faster and at a fraction of the regular cost of traditional approaches.
Improved Safety
Humans don’t need to be physically involved in the monitoring of the site, especially in dangerous terrains or during extreme weather conditions.

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Please note we do not service Residential Projects.