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Treasury Wine Estates, a leading wine producer, approached Erizon to provide the aerial application of a fungicide treatment using their agricultural drone equipment. The vineyards were at risk of downy mildew infection due to recent heavy rainfall, and it was essential to protect the grapevines with pre-infection (protectant) fungicides to ensure that the zoospores do not enter green vine tissue.


To address this challenge, Erizon deployed their DJI Agras T30 agricultural drone, equipped with a 30L tank for spraying and seed spreading. A monitoring drone was used to scan the site and gather project-related data that was used to program the T30 software for consistent and accurate spraying. Erizon’s pilots are fully CASA qualified and hold all the appropriate chemical handling certificates. They also provide full JSEA and ITP documents regarding mapping and application to ensure workplace safety and quality.


The fungicide application was carried out over two separate missions, covering a total area of 57.5 ha. The first mission of 32.5 ha was completed over a two-day period. However, the weather became an issue with stormy skies, forcing the team to wait until ideal conditions returned before completing the remaining 25 ha. The application was carried out at a rate of 100 litres per hectare.

Benefits of drone application:

  • 3D Flight Route Planning
    The Agras T30’s advanced navigation system allows for precise mapping of flight routes, ensuring consistent coverage and reducing the risk of overspraying.
  • High Efficiency
    The drone’s ability to cover up to 12 Ha/hour enabled the team to complete the treatment in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Increased Flight Safety
    The real-time visual monitoring system allows pilots to maintain a clear view of the drone’s surroundings, reducing the risk of collisions or other safety hazards.
  • Reduced soil compaction
    Traditional tractor boom spraying equipment is prone to getting stuck in the mud and causing soil compaction. However, with drones, it is possible to reach difficult locations with minimal disturbance to the soil.


Erizon’s aerial fungicide treatment using the DJI Agras T30 agricultural drone proved to be an effective solution for protecting grapevines from downy mildew infection. The use of drones for fungicide spraying allowed for consistent coverage over difficult terrain, reduced soil compaction, and increased efficiency and safety. Treasury Wine Estates was satisfied with the outcome of the project, and as a result they are considering using Erizon’s aerial application service in future vineyard maintenance.

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