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While many of Adelaide’s erosion issues are coastal, one of its growing concerns is erosion in mountainous and steep regions. Part of the problem is extra dry weather and the occurrence of bushfires followed by unexpected heavy rains.

The combination results in soil erosion, placing the people living in the outer metropolitan areas of Adelaide in danger. Without a fast-acting erosion control solution, these areas will continue to be at risk for landslides and other erosion effects.

Erizon thus offers a rapid-install and durable erosion control blanket that will help address erosion issues in Adelaide

Meeting The Challenges of Erosion Control

Adelaide appears to have a fine climate, as it only has mild to cold winters and summers that start warm and sometimes go hot. It typically has moderate average rainfall.

In extreme cases, however, the suburbs in Adelaide’s fringes suffer from erosion. This issue is mainly due to bushfires, destroying natural vegetation and exposing the topsoil. Wind and rain carry the exposed soil with them. In steep areas and during heavy rains, they can even cause landslides.

With rapid urbanisation, vegetation loss, and climate change, these erosion problems are more likely to continue.

In response, the South Australia government promotes soil rehabilitation and revegetation in the region. Among their recommendations is the planting of native plants with deep roots that reach well into the ground below.

This more traditional approach may be beneficial long term. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee immediate erosion control, as such plants take time to develop their root systems. Moreover, some areas pose more challenges in terms of application. Steeper slopes may need a more tailored approach, while narrower areas will require specific solutions.

With this in mind, Erizon offers a more modern and innovative approach to erosion control.

The Best Erosion Control Solution for Adelaide

Our erosion control solution works more effectively than conventional methods. Our scientists and engineers have carefully studied and formulated a weatherproof, rapid-install, and durable solution. We call it the EcoArmour.

EcoArmour features a non-flammable crust, making it resistant to fires. This crust also holds the substrate underneath in place. Thus, it can eliminate erosion caused by winds and rain, which also makes it weatherproof.

Conventional erosion control blankets take time to install, whereas EcoArmour can be applied up to 10 times faster. This benefit relieves many clients of hefty project costs and saves their time to shift focus to other erosion-prone areas.

Not only does EcoArmour install rapidly; it takes effect immediately as it dries within four (4) hours. While it acts that fast, EcoArmour is extra durable, lasting even more than 20 years. Thanks to its chemical resistance and excellent abrasion, it outlasts all the other traditional methods.

One feature that makes the EcoArmour endure harsh weather is its superior ability to cling to the substrate. With EcoArmour’s proprietary blend of fibres, minerals, and binders, it can even stay stable on the steepest slopes.

To make sure that EcoArmour is the right solution for a client, Erizon always conducts an initial consultation phase. Here, we clarify specific site details such as climate conditions in the area, history of erosion, and the future purpose of the land.

We then proceed with a 3D drone survey of the site. Our scanning drones will map out the area with a high degree of detail, catching contours and steep slopes that may need specific equipment for application.

Our team of scientists and engineers will review the survey results and consultation details to outline a set of preparatory activities for the site. The team will also determine if EcoArmour is indeed the perfect solution, or if there is a combination of solutions that will match the conditions of the site.

Once everything is finalised, Erizon’s well-trained technicians will install our erosion control solution. We make sure of hydrorigs, hydrotruck tracks, hoses, and LBC hydro trailers to ensure perfect mixing and even application.

The EcoArmour then takes effect after about four (4) hours and protects the soil from erosion.

One thing that makes Erizon’s process superior is that we always conduct a post-project monitoring phase. While our solutions have been tested and continuously improved for decades, we make sure not to leave a client worried.

In this final phase, we fly monitoring drones over the site to scan and capture images of the entire area. We conduct this part to ensure that the project has gone on as planned.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s work has already served thousands of acres of land across Australia. For over 25 years now, we have been continuously innovating our solutions and methods to match the increasing challenges of climate change and the resulting extreme weather conditions.

Our process follows a scientific structure. We make sure that each detail is carefully assessed so we can tailor the best erosion control solution for a piece of land.

With scientists, engineers, and technicians dedicated to only excellence, we have helped save erodible lands with 100% project success.

Finally, it is Erizon’s ultimate aim to help Adelaide, and the rest of Australia become erosion-free. Partner with us today, and let us make Adelaide a greener and safer place to live.

Erizon: The Best Choice For Erosion Control
  • An efficient, rapid-install solution for saving erodible lands
  • Outlasts all other methods of erosion control with superior resistance to the elements
  • Can be tailored based on the history of erosion in the area and future land use

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