Soil Stabilisation Gold Coast

Severe flooding is one of the most common natural hazards across the Gold Coast. Without proper soil stabilisation and land management, this region may experience a high risk of erosion.

At Erizon, we follow a scientific process of rehabilitating damaged regions to prevent calamities related to erosion. Our team of soil scientists provides a tailored solution for any soil stabilisation project, starting with a comprehensive soil analysis on the target area.

Meeting the Challenges of Soil Stabilisation

Climate change has significantly affected soil stability and other environmental conditions across the Gold Coast. Among the most common concerns are coastal flooding and the coastal erosion it causes.

These unfavourable conditions are likely to have adverse effects on several properties and infrastructure.

Other than the challenge of flooding, the Gold Coast also battles against wild weather conditions. These issues, in turn, pose threats on the livability of the area.

For instance, the region faces the devastating threats of bushfires each year. Each fire leaves a piece of land barren. Thus, it further heightens the risks of dust exposure, erosion, landslides, and corresponding property damage

Both the city council and private property owners are already taking measures to address the erosion issues at the Gold Coast.

Along with other solutions, the city has also committed to penalising developments that would not follow its rehabilitation policies for disturbed lands.

Moreover, the council has issued guidelines on controlling slope instability in several high-risk areas. One of their recommendations is to ensure minimum vegetation clearing when utilising hillside lands.

While the above concerns and measures may seem diverse and isolated from each other, they all point to a single fundamental problem.

The underlying issue of soil instability.

Thus, a comprehensive, science-based soil stabilisation procedure may prove to be of benefit to the various erosion concerns of the Gold Coast region.

Such a process, however, may only be as effective as the expertise of the team that handles the procedure.

The Best Solution for Soil Stabilisation in Gold Coast

For over 25 years now, Erizon has been at work with local councils and communities to help address their soil erosion issues.

As with any of the previous cases we’ve handled, the most effective solution involves a comprehensive soil stabilisation procedure.

The process always begins with a consultation with our highly trained staff. This primary step ensures that our team of soil experts will first have a full grasp of the challenges and conditions peculiar to the target piece of land.

Our soil scientists will then conduct a soil analysis and outline a tailored solution based on the analysis results.

Depending on the project needs and soil properties of the target area, we may also utilise our high-performing drone technology when spreading the stabilising agents. These compounds may include fertilisers, soil probiotics, and other trace elements.

Overall, our goal has always been to improve the soil’s resilience and enhance its strength — whether the project involves roads, hardstands, or lay-down areas.

Thus, our final phase includes an advanced monitoring protocol. We make use of the latest scanning and imaging sensors to obtain an accurate report of the site conditions after rehabilitation.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s commitment to excellence drives us to adhere to our scientific process of providing soil stabilisation solutions.

It is also our highest aim to help local communities such as the Gold Coast in their efforts of addressing their soil erosion and associated environmental issues.

Through the expert performance of our dedicated scientists, Erizon has already rehabilitated vast land areas throughout Australia.

With decades of experience, Erizon is ready to lend a hand in the stabilisation, revegetation, and overall rehabilitation of any piece of land across the Gold Coast.

Learn more about Erizon’s Environmental solutions for the Gold Coast.

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