Hydroseeding South Australia

Hydroseeding serves as a highly efficient method for revegetating expansive land areas swiftly. This technologically advanced approach outperforms conventional techniques regarding land revegetation, such as direct seeding and drill seeding.

Hydroseeding can be used to revegetate areas that are difficult and dangerous to access, as well as moderate slopes with the addition of a binder, making the task of providing erosion control for verges or soil stockpiles much easier. Binders form a hard crust and work to bind soil to the seed, preventing erosion, increasing water retention, and promoting faster germination of seeds. By establishing vegetation, hydroseeding can help provide long-term erosion control.

Hydroseeding solutions are best used in larger areas of quality soil. We determine the existing soil characteristics through a soil analysis to tailor the fertiliser used for the specific site, ensuring quality and stable growth.

Meeting the Challenges of Soil Erosion

We have consistently demonstrated our capacity to provide cost-effective scientific solutions that always bring results for our clients across Australia. Our hydroseeding solutions are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and our team of scientists conducts a site survey to analyse the site’s requirements. Soil samples are collected to understand the particular characteristics of the site, and based on this information, a customised solution is created, selecting the most appropriate hydroseeding solution that fits the site’s specific requirements.

South Australian industries, such as mining, construction, and energy, can significantly benefit from hydroseeding solutions. Mining activities, for instance, can result in significant soil erosion, but with hydroseeding solutions, vegetation can be established, reducing the impact of mining activities. Construction sites can also benefit from hydroseeding, as it can reduce the amount of soil runoff, preventing sedimentation in nearby waterways.

By conducting site surveys and customising solutions for each client’s needs, Erizon can ensure that our hydroseeding solutions are tailored to the specific site requirements, resulting in higher success rates and a more environmentally friendly approach to industry activities.

The Best Solution for Hydroseeding in South Australia

To ensure optimal results, GoSeed® is best applied using large-scale hydroRig equipment. This specialised equipment is designed to evenly distribute the mixture across the functional area, providing consistent coverage and maximum effectiveness. The hydroRig equipment has an adjustable spray pattern that accommodates different terrains and site conditions, allowing the solution to be applied effectively on any land.

The GoSeed® solution includes an environmentally friendly green dye, making the application process even more efficient. This dye makes the solution visible to the spray technician, enabling them to apply an even coat and reducing the risk of missed areas or over-spraying. The green dye also allows clients to easily track the progress of vegetation growth, providing clear evidence of the effectiveness of the hydroseeding solution.

Furthermore, the GoSeed® solution contains a custom blend of seed, mulch, fertiliser, and other essential nutrients, ensuring that vegetation establishes and thrives on the site. This comprehensive mixture is designed to provide the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and sustainability, resulting in a denser vegetation cover that effectively controls soil erosion.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been at the forefront of solving even Australia’s most complicated environmental problems for over 25 years. Our wealth of experience, innovative approach, and scientific methods testify to our excellence and expertise in this field. We are committed to providing our clients with the best outcomes for every project, and we achieve this through our tailored solutions.

At Erizon, our commitment to quality service does not end when the project is completed. We conduct post-project monitoring to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of service and support even after completing the project.

Our ultimate goal at Erizon is to control the effects of erosion in South Australia, and we are always eager to hear about and solve your environmental concerns. With our experience, innovative approach, and scientific methods, we are confident that we can deliver outstanding outcomes for every project, no matter how challenging.




Why Erizon Is The Top Choice For Large-Scale Hydroseeding
  • Combats erosion and encourages plant growth to enhance the stability and integrity of soils, even in difficult-to-reach areas
  • Provides cutting-edge approaches to revegetation that are backed by experience and scientific research
  • Covers large areas with a wind-resistant and water-repellent solution through efficient and cost-effective widespread application

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