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The topsoil in South Australia is shallow and infertile because of its arid and hot climate. With these soil conditions, about 9.2 million hectares of the land experience erosion.

Eroded soil causes an increase in pollution and sedimentation in many bodies of water and land. Without proper intervention, it becomes a threat to both human and animal life.

Fortunately, strategic and committed revegetation programs can solve these problems.

Fully aware of this, Erizon offers scientific and sustainable revegetation solutions. Being committed to providing only environment-friendly approaches, we engineer the best erosion control and revegetation products in South Australia.

Meeting the Challenges of Revegetation

South Australia has long suffered from severe erosion. This is not anymore surprising because it is a known fact that the state has the driest lands in the whole of Australia.

The tropical climate of the state is one of the primary reasons for its dry soil and erosion problems. The high temperature of the soil alters its properties and organic matter content, affecting its ability to retain water significantly.

When the soil lacks moisture and is too dry, it becomes susceptible to wind and water erosion. Soil erosion removes nutrients and organic minerals from the ground. As a consequence, the land experiences a decrease in its productive capacity.

Moreover, water erosion impacts roads, transportation, as well as aquatic life. Dust — which wind erosion carries — also brings respiratory problems to humans.

Another reason for the severe erosion problems in South Australia is poor farming practices.

Historically, European settlers who were not familiar with the unique climate of the state applied European techniques in farming and grazing. Unfortunately, these practices were more suited to the environment of the northern hemisphere, resulting in more harm than good to the soil in the state.

Grazing, especially in droughts or late summer, produces problems in soil compaction and brings risks for surface runoff. Tillage and stubble burning also increase the risk of erosion.

Fortunately, through the improvement of farming techniques and practices, the soil erosion rate in South Australia has declined. There are still soil losses, though, from prolonged droughts or stormy seasons.

The government of South Australia has since then been providing legislations to combat these erosion issues in the state.

State officials, for instance, authored the Soil Conservation Act of 1989 to educate local farming communities on how to improve land management and mitigate erosion. The act contains extensive information about the soil and the natural resources in South Australia. These efforts aimed at directing the people to become more conscious about the land they are using and tilling.

In addition, the Soil Conservation Act requires the preparation of district plans on soil loss prevention. The plans come from the information gathered after careful planning and analysis.

There also exists an initiative on implementing a land condition monitoring program. This strategy involves the monitoring of the soil and land resources of the state. Any information gathered from this initiative will help keep the local agencies updated on the risks of cropping lands to wind and water erosion.

While the state implements these legislations well, and while they continue to benefit the state, there is still a need for creating committed solutions from a team of soil scientists and experts to produce long-lasting results.

One way to achieve this is through successful science-based revegetation projects.

Revegetation is an effective method to manage and prevent soil erosion. Plants give anchor to the soil to prevent them from washing out or becoming airborne.

Furthermore, vegetation improves soil stability through mechanical and hydrological effects. The roots increase water infiltration to the soil through the pathways they create.

Extensive root systems can create interlocking grids for the soil layers. As a result, there is a reduction in the soil displacement rate. Plus, there is an increase in the stability of slopes as well as embankments.

The reality is when erosion damages or depletes soils; they require more than conventional hydroseeding treatments. Only sustainable and proven revegetation programs can rehabilitate the earth and restore environmental health in the long-term.

This is where Erizon comes as the perfect solution.

The Best Solution for Revegetation in South Australia

Known for unparalleled excellence in providing environmental solutions, Erizon continues to give strategic revegetation plans for Australia.

At Erizon, we believe that each site is unique. As such, we implement systematic and tailored approaches to suit each revegetation project.

Our strategy always begins with an on-site visit to identify the characteristics of the land. Site inspection provides information on the previous usage of the land and specific environmental concerns and conditions.

A team of soil scientists and field experts surveys the field and collects soil samples. They then forward these samples to the laboratory for an extensive soil analysis. We also utilise modern 3D drones to map out the area in great detail.

From the results of the soil testing and site imaging, we analyse the best ways to optimise vegetative growth. We also assess the best seeding rate and the right amount and type of fertiliser to apply.

We believe in the value of client partnership and thus give informed recommendations to our clients after our site analysis.

Our team also selects the best species, application, and erosion control products that suit the area. The correct choice of plant species will produce positive results and prevent time and money losses. We guarantee healthy soils that last for long periods.

It is vital to note that a successful revegetation project includes proper weed management. Weeds compete with other plants for moisture, nutrients, and light. Knowing this, we incorporate weed infestation prevention in our methods to increase seedling survival and growth.

We also implement an eco-friendly approach to save energy and minimise water requirements.

Erizon utilises modern equipment to ensure even mixing and application of our products. We built our HydroRigs™ with an agitator for an accurate area targeting. We use 3D drone technology to apply fertiliser and soil probiotics one or two months after seeding. We also use hoses and spray bars for excellent product application.

Our team of experts also researched on and innovated the best revegetation products.

For instance, our EnviroSoil product is a perfect topsoil alternative for soils that cannot support plants. Made of thermally engineered organic fibres, seaweed extracts, and mineral blends, EnviroSoil rectifies and improves the rhizosphere’s growth potential.

The fibres also minimise erosion by providing an interlocking matrix. They can act as a food source for microorganisms for healthy plant growth.

Finally, Erizon conducts post-application monitoring to ensure that the project is going as planned and will produce positive outcomes.

Commitment is the quality that makes Erizon stand out.

We dedicate our time and effort to each of our projects from start to finish. Our highly trained professionals conduct regular site visits to address any concerns that may arise during the project immediately.

Why Choose Erizon?

Twenty-five years of experience in the field has proven Erizon’s commitment to excellence and integrity. Over the years, our clients have witnessed the efficiency of our scientific solutions.

At Erizon, we provide a ‘Supply, Apply, & Guarantee’ approach. We supply comprehensive planning and solutions, apply the best site interventions, and guarantee 100% positive results.

Our tailored solutions communicate the value we give to every project. We don’t just give solutions; we create specific answers. To do this, we conduct extensive site examination and soil analysis using the latest technologies. From there, we choose the best plant species, products, and applications that give productive outcomes.

Erizon believes in the value of innovation. Thus, we provide scientifically backed methodologies in each of our projects. Our team of researchers and soil specialists make sure we implement innovative solutions and restricted-access equipment tailored for South Australia’s land and climate.

Lastly, it is our goal to provide a safe environment for everyone to live. With this goal in mind, our only option in all that we do is excel.

Learn more about Erizon’s Revegetation Solution here!

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