Erosion Control Sydney

Global warming and climate change have hit Sydney with considerable environmental concerns. Among these are the increasing intensity and frequency of bushfires and storms. The combination of these two disastrous events results in the removal of natural vegetation and, eventually, erosion.

In worst weather events, erosion turns into landslides, loss of property, and sometimes lives.

Erizon weighs the risks and sees how Sydney badly needs help in mitigating soil erosion. We offer quick-install, fast-acting, and long-lasting erosion control solutions to the city.

Meeting the Challenges of Erosion Control

One of the primary environmental concerns in Sydney is erosion. This phenomenon has been haunting the region, especially the parts around the coast.

Climate change and global warming increase erosion risk even more. Warming makes sea levels rise and thunderstorms more frequent. With more extreme weather events, coastlines and beachfront regions suffer, then coastal erosion occurs.

Global warming also triggers more bushfires inland, and the fires become wilder in intensity. They destroy natural vegetation. They uncover the earth, take away topsoil, and expose weak subsoils.

All these loosened soils become the prey of extreme winds and rains. The worst erosion and landslides could occur.

While humans may not be in total control of climate conditions, our activities contribute to either the healing or the destruction of the planet. On the one hand, we want to promote technological progress, urbanisation, and industrialisation. On the other, we need to keep our activities sustainable, and in case we disturb lands, we need to rehabilitate them.

This principle is key to resolving the erosion issues in Sydney.

Luckily, government authorities understand this principle and have set guidelines for controlling erosion in building sites. Land managers need to implement revegetation and dust suppression activities In many kinds of slopes and terrains.

However, many of the sites encompass hundreds of acres of land. Some need special equipment for an even distribution of the seeds and mulch. Highly sloped others are challenging to reach.

Many landowners and managers do not have such equipment. They may also lack sufficient knowledge on which kinds of seeds or fertilisers to use, how to prepare the land, or how to ensure the vegetative cover grows and flourishes on the soil.

They could employ traditional replanting methods, but it could take years to reap their fruit of labour. Soils in their lands may have already been suffering from nutritional depletion, and anything sown will not grow.

Erizon knows these issues all too well. We address all the above problems by providing a science-based approach to erosion control.

We have a team of engineers and scientists to provide the best solution to erosion issues in Sydney.

The Best Solution for Erosion Control in Sydney

Erizon is one of the longest-running companies that specialise in addressing environmental issues. Our team of scientists and engineers has prepared a long-term erosion control solution to help the community manage the problem of soil erosion.

Our process starts with consulting with the client and investigating the peculiar characteristics of the site. We need to know certain details such as climate conditions, history of use, history of bushfires, erosion, and landslides, and planned future use.

We also have technicians to survey the location and identify the terrain. Erizon has advanced 3D drones equipped with the latest scanning and imaging technology. Our technicians will fly these drones over the entire area, and the drones will render a detailed map of the location. 

Erizon’s scientists will also take soil samples, test, and analyse them for their physical properties and composition. Soils already void of nutrients will need more enhancements and fertilisers to facilitate faster and healthier plant growth.

All the experts will gather to examine the data and consider all factors. From there, we will outline a specific set of procedures tailored just for the site. We will also determine which erosion control product best matches the soil’s peculiar needs. 

One of Erizon’s best products is our synthetic erosion control blanket, the EcoArmour. We spray this solution on land and let it dry and set in a matter of hours. It provides high-shear resistant erosion control and is even weatherproof. It also resists fire as it forms a non-flammable crust over the soil.

The EcoArmour provides stability in a high eroded patch of land. Thanks to its blend of fibres, minerals, and binders, it can work with the steepest slopes.

Its ability to install rapidly makes it way better than traditional erosion control methods. It installs ten times faster than conventional soil blankets, thus reducing the overall project time. It also saves resources and benefits the client’s budget.

While it installs rapidly, it also acts immediately. After it dries within four hours, it can already begin protecting the land and continue on track for over 20 years. Its durability results from decades of innovation and dedication to environmental care.

The EcoArmour and all our other erosion control and soil rehabilitation products comply with environmental standards. All ingredients are natural, and all products are toxic-free.

To apply these products, Erizon uses special equipment. We have hydro trucks and hydro truck tracks, and LBC hydro trailers to spray the solution. We also use hoses in narrow areas, as the terrain calls for it.

When required by the tailored procedure, the team will apply substrates or emulsion on the site first. Once all preparatory work is complete, we will apply the erosion control solution using the advanced equipment enumerated above.

Erizon doesn’t stop at the application phase. Our science-based method involves a post-application monitoring period. Here, we use our 3D drones once again and survey the entire area. We address any issues as we detect them, although in most cases there aren’t.

Our scientific process has already ensured that all factors are in and that the tailored solution already addresses those factors and issues right from the start.

What results is 100% client satisfaction and project success.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has been providing Australia with erosion control solutions for over 25 years now. Our team’s experience and expertise gave birth to innovative, eco-friendly, and highly effective rehabilitation products.

We also value excellence. With this principle in mind, our scientists continue to research the latest technologies that make the erosion control process even faster. Genuine care for the environment also drives us to use only eco-friendly ingredients.

Yearly, we are improving our synthetic erosion control blanket, and other soil rehabilitation solutions.

Erizon continually earns the praise of clients as they leave, satisfied with the project’s outcome. Our scientific and tailored approach has made their lives and property safer.

We aim to give Sydney a taste of a healthy, and erosion-free environment. It is also our aim for the whole of Australia. Partner with us today.

Are you ready to get started on your erosion control project? Get in touch with us today.

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