Revegetation Sydney

Soil degradation has become an ongoing issue in several parts of Sydney. In turn, it has triggered many other ecological problems, affecting not only social communities but also natural habitats.

Without proper rehabilitation and revegetation plans, the city may continue to suffer from soil erosion and its damaging effects on people and properties.

At Erizon, we are strongly committed to providing sustainable and environment-friendly revegetation solutions. We go beyond what conventional revegetation methods offer. Doing so ensures we carry out tailored solutions according to the peculiar needs of the target area.

Meeting the Challenges of Revegetation

Civil works and other human activities regularly disrupt lands across Sydney. Vegetation, which protects the soil from erosion, is removed during the construction of infrastructure projects, whether residential or commercial.

Once exposed, the soil becomes subject to erosive forces such as that of the wind and rain.

Soil erosion soon takes place, carrying soil, sediment, and even organic matter into stormwater. Eventually, these compounds seep through waterways, affecting water quality, and causing all kinds of complications to the quality of life in Sydney.

In worst-case scenarios, soil exposure causes instability and major landslides that further put the city at risk.

In response, Sydney’s local government mandates the revegetation of all sites that human activities have disturbed. It also recommends the constant supervision of a rehabilitated site, at least as soon as it establishes a 70% revegetation cover.

Moreover, the local scientific and education sectors have made efforts to study the efficiency of modern hydromulching methods against conventional ones. The University of Western Sydney, for instance, conducted a scientific trial, comparing the performance of compost blankets against traditional revegetation methods.

The study has found that compost blankets have twice the effectivity rates of conventional hydromulch in reducing run-off during rain events.

Still, the results show that the ideal revegetation solution depends significantly on the target area's conditions.

Thus, it will be so much more effective if any revegetation project considers the peculiar characteristics of the target region before applying the hydromulch or any other recommended solution.

However, such a tailored solution will only be possible if revegetation specialists could provide a comprehensive plan of action — from an initial investigation to the regular monitoring of the site.

The Best Solution for Revegetation in Sydney

Our procedure begins by conducting a thorough investigation of the scope of work needed in the target piece of land.

Our team of soil experts will first test the soil properties, weather conditions, and historical use of the area. After careful assessment, we will outline a set of procedures to answer the peculiar needs of the site.

These processes include the identification of the appropriate plant species and fertiliser for the soil. We also make sure that the land undergoes an initial preparation before applying the mixture of the seeds and plant growth solutions.

Erizon’s innovative approach to revegetation involves two methods, namely, hydroseeding and hydromulching. We will determine the most appropriate procedure according to the soil properties, terrain, and climate conditions in the target area.

One of our core strengths is our use of advanced facilities for seed and fertiliser spreading. Depending on the site's characteristics, the application process may use hydro trucks, hoses, spray bars, or even drones.

With our team’s dedication to excellence, we do not just stop at applying the solution. Our post-project monitoring protocol allows us to address any issues that may arise in the early stages of plant growth.

This way, our soil experts will be able to execute alternative solutions and ensure successful revegetation of the entire site.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon offers a streamlined process of revegetation. We anchor our methods on three core values. Excellence, innovation, and service.

Our team of revegetation scientists has over 25 years of experience in rehabilitating vast lands across Australia.

It is also among our highest aims to help restore and revegetate territories belonging to Sydney. We envision this city as a model for other regions to follow, especially concerning environmental health and disaster risk prevention.

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