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Canberra’s growth and progress as a city have attracted an influx of residents and continuous land development. Over the years, however, increased human activities, commercialisation, and industrialisation have severely impacted the climate.

Climate change thus progressed, and it resulted in devastating effects on lands, property, and even the health and safety of individuals.

In particular, we have seen an increase in airborne dust and dust storms in the city. These events, when left uncontrolled, will continue to wreak havoc on the residents and properties.

In response to the above issues, Erizon is offering fast-acting and highly sustainable dust suppression solutions. Our team has been handling soil restoration and rehabilitation projects for decades now and has proven our methods to be effective on dust abasement issues.

Thus, we aim to extend our services to the city of Canberra. Our overall goal is to help control airborne dust and make the city safer for its residents.

Meeting The Challenges of Dust Suppression

Dust exposure results from several factors, the biggest of which is the disruption of soils and their vegetative cover.

Natural and conserved ecosystems do not have these problems, but they are at a high risk of disruption as human activities increase and demand further land use.

The effects of climate change also factor in and cause catastrophic events such as bushfires. These fires graze over vast acres of vegetation and further expose soils.

Once loosened and exposed, subsoils become highly erodible. Their high erosion-risk profile makes them impregnable by water. Winds carry such soil particles easily. In steep slopes and hillsides, gravity and winds work together to spread dust to the surrounding communities.

These events cause various adverse effects on city residents. One major impact is on the amount of particulate matter in the air. Once inhaled, such dust particles compromise one’s respiratory health.

The matter is even worse when dust storms occur. When clouds of dust run on vast landscapes, it also destroys livelihoods with it. Sheep and cattle farmers, for instance, have seen how their lands turned cracked and bone-dry after a severe dust storm. Many of these locals have struggled to keep their livestock alive after the catastrophic occurrence.

Disastrous events such as these are telling one thing. Canberra needs to rethink its impact on the environment. Indeed, climate change has significantly increased the occurrence of bushfires, dust storms, and other wild weather conditions.

Without an effective approach to restoring lands into their natural state, it is close to impossible for the affected residents to recover.

Luckily, current government policies have already taken its part in addressing these environmental issues. Officials recommend a sustainable land development planning moving forward. Policymakers have sought to create a set of guidelines such that exposed soils will have to be rehabilitated after a project. They recommend on-site sediment and erosion control and post-project land restoration procedures.

Sadly, there has been a significant lack of policy implementation around these acts. Private land development companies only comply with the minimal requirements. They stick to conventional methods to hasten the nominal compliance and finish contracts. As a result, the environment still suffers. Disturbed soils receive a cover that will only get destroyed after a few years.

This issue has baffled Erizon for decades. We have witnessed how the locals have suffered as a result of environmental abuse.

Even if the government enforces penalties on contractors that do not heed to the recommendations, these builders still cannot implement dust suppression solutions on a large scale.

Erizon, on the other hand, knows its capacity to address such issues. Thus, we are offering help to the city of Canberra and its private entities to resolve the challenge of dust control finally.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in Canberra

Erizon provides a tailored and highly sustainable dust suppression solution on any landscape type.

For several decades, our team of scientists and engineers have been formulating and developing premium dust suppressants that act quick and last long. These solutions can be modified such that they match with the particular needs of a target site.

Our science-based approach has been proven to be more effective than conventional methods. We always begin our projects with an initial consultation and investigation of the site. Our highly trained staff will sit down and consult with the client to know the project’s overall goals.

We also have in-house technicians who will proceed to conduct a drone survey over the site. Our drones are equipped with the latest scanning and imaging technology. Thus, they can map out the area’s contours in great detail, as well as in 3D.

Erizon’s soil analysts will then take soil samples and subject these to testing and analysis.

Taking in the results of the investigation, our entire team will outline a step-by-step dust-suppressing procedure for the project.

We will take into account the history of land use, peculiar site conditions, climate, surrounding communities, and the potential future use of the area.

Once we have laid everything out, including the specific mix to use for the land, our technicians will take the project to the next step. We will use advanced applicators to ensure an even and uniform distribution of the soil cover.

Depending on the contours of the site, we may use our spray bars, HydroRigs™, drones, air tractors, and even helicopters. In some cases, where there are narrow and hard-to-reach areas, our technicians will not hesitate to use hoses.

Among the top benefits of using our dust suppressants is their water-saving feature. Erizon’s engineers have carefully enhanced these bonding agents such that they save water up to 80% more than traditional methods.

Our premium solution also provides immediate control. Surrounding communities will immediately notice the significant reduction of airborne dust. Because of its fast-acting capabilities, it also minimises the need for manual supervision.

Some private property owners may be concerned about the costs of using Erizon’s products.

Based on client feedback, however, we have proven that our solutions are more cost effective in the long run.

They are also environmentally compliant, which means they do not cause complications in the future. Thus, clients can be ensured that the solution persists and saves them on costs over time.

Moreover, our dust suppressants are non-toxic. They are significantly helpful in providing cover over mine sites such as coal mines and copper mines, ash dams and tailings dams, and even power stations.

Finally, Erizon’s scientific approach to dust suppression includes post-application monitoring.

This phase allows us to address any issues as they arise and not wait out for years before responding. This monitoring phase has ensured 100% success in the projects we have handled in the past.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon has always been at the forefront of Australia’s efforts on dust control. We have helped rehabilitate and suppress dust on thousands of acres of lands.

Our team has also been continually improving on our dust suppression solutions to ensure efficiency, environmental compliance, and cost-effectiveness.

At Erizon, we value a scientific and tailored approach in addressing the issues of a particular site. By beginning and ending our process with investigation and analysis, we always come up with targeted solutions that address the specific problems of an area.

We also value innovation and modern technology. Our engineers develop our dust suppression products and mixes. We have always surpassed conventional approaches in terms of effectiveness.

Overall, Erizon envisions witnessing a cleaner and greener Australia, starting at Canberra. We believe in the kind of progress that does not compromise with sustainability and ecological preservation.

In any project we take on, we always ensure 100% success.

Learn more about our Dust Suppression solution and contact us today to start your dust suppression project.

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