Dust Suppression New South Wales

The spread of dust and the occurrence of dust storms have threatened community health in New South Wales. Part of the problem is because of the rise of extreme and frequent thunderstorms and the widening fields of barren, exposed soils.

Erizon provides New South Wales with a fast-acting and environment-friendly dust suppression solution to address the above issues. We have continuously proven its performance to be superior to conventional methods.

Addressing The Need for Dust Suppression

Massive dust storms typically hit New South Wales, carrying with them threats to people’s health. Exposure to high amounts of dust can trigger allergic reactions, cause asthma attacks, and contribute to severe breathing-related problems. In the worst cases, they can even contribute to a reduced life span.

Dust exposure has since then been a challenge to NSW residents. Thunderstorms often produce powerful winds, which cause dust storms. From vast, dry, and barren lands, winds can pull the dust, carry them into the air, and create dust storms.

A Harvard study has shown that climate change and the resulting warming planet make dust storms more intense. In some cases, they can even become deadly.

It is just unfortunate that climate change has resulted from human activities. We have focused too much on urbanisation and ignored the calls to rehabilitate the lands we have disturbed.

Fortunately, the only feasible long-term solution to increased dust levels is also part of the solution to climate change. It is about restoring our lands to their greener versions.

The government is doing its best to encourage landowners and managers to do site rehabilitation. They can even sponsor up to half of the costs to help facilitate the restoration activities.

Their collaboration projects with landowners involve areas of various terrains. Some, though, involve narrow and hard-to-reach areas that need special equipment. Locals may or may not have access to those equipment themselves.

More importantly, when it comes to dust abatement, the locals have little knowledge and expertise to address it. They will need expert help to suppress dust and protect their vast barren lands from sweeping winds and rain.

Erizon has both the expertise and the equipment to handle all kinds of soil rehabilitation procedures. We offer New South Wales a fast-acting and environmentally compliant dust suppression solution.

The Best Solution for Dust Suppression in New South Wales

Erizon offers a dust suppression solution that stands out among others. Using cutting-edge technologies, our scientists and engineers have formulated a solution that complies with environmental requirements. Also, our formulation boasts of several features that are superior to conventional methods.

One of these features is its water-saving function. Our team of experts has engineered our dust suppression product to save water up to 80% more than traditional procedures.

Aside from this, our product also provides immediate control after application. People in surrounding communities will quickly notice the reduction of airborne dust.

Because it’s water-saving, our solution is also cost effective. Landowners can save more in the long run when choosing to apply our dust control product instead of sticking to traditional ways.

Even large industries can benefit from our dust suppressing product. Infrastructure, civil, and mining industries need to have soil rehabilitation implemented after their projects. Our team can help accomplish large-scale rehabilitative work in these industries.

To make sure any industry or private client gets 100% satisfaction, our team will follow a scientific approach.

This approach begins with an investigation and ends with post-application monitoring. The entire process ensures we are addressing every peculiar site condition.

The investigation phase involves a consultative meeting, soil testing and analysis, and site mapping. Our highly trained staff will consult with the client on essential information such as the land’s location, terrain, usage history, climate conditions, and intended future use.

Meanwhile, our scientists will take soil samples and analyse them in terms of composition and physical properties. Our technicians will fly drones over the site to map out 3d images of the entire location.

All the experts will analyse this gathered information and develop the tailored steps to rehabilitate the site.

We will also determine the most suitable dust abatement solution for the area and outline the site preparation and product application procedures.

The complete process may take a while initially, but our dust suppressing products are all easy to apply. Our technicians can choose from a wide range of application equipment, depending on the terrain.

Erizon has all kinds of applicators to address different lands and locations. We have helicopters, air tractors, hydro trucks and hydro truck tracks, drones, hoses, spraybars, and LBC hydro trailers.

Our technicians will ensure an even mixing and uniform application of our dust suppressing products.

Finally, we enter the stage of site monitoring. Once again, we will use our 3D drones to scan the whole place and monitor it using the images.

We always ensure that the project goes as planned and that we have achieved the client’s goals. In case of problems, we always respond immediately and make sure to fix everything before closing the project.

However, because of our scientific approach, such problems are not typical. Our clients experience 100% satisfaction as they witness the immediate impact of our dust suppressants.

Why Choose Erizon?

Erizon’s team of scientists, engineers, and technicians has superior expertise backed by decades of experience. We have helped mitigate dust in many cities and states of Australia. For over 25 years now, our goal has always been to make our environment safe and healthy to live in.

To achieve such a goal, we have made excellence our friend. We incorporate excellence in every phase of our work. We also integrate innovation in developing our dust suppressing solutions.

Sticking to these principles allows us to produce dust-controlling solutions that comply with the highest environmental standards.

Erizon is also unique because our team uses the scientific method to solve every client’s dust issues. This scientific approach allows us to address the peculiar conditions of each site. Unlike conventional methods, ours are more efficient and resource-saving.

Finally, we care deeply for our environment. This care has inspired us to keep using only non-toxic and environmentally safe ingredients in our dust suppressants. We already know the risks involved when residents of New South Wales inhale dust particles. We don’t want to solve the issue by giving something that will compromise the environment instead.

With Erizon, both the people in our communities and the environment will be brought to safety and health.

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